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AUDIONET - HUMBOLDT nec plus ultra?

The AUDIONET HUMBOLDT amazes us every day. After discovering this unique amplifier, we know better how to set it for the ultimate music performance. More about this next month..

HUMBOLDT is a dual mono preamplifier and 2 true monoblocs in one chassis (electronic boards, power transformers..). HUMBOLDT ultimate design is done principally on 3 key points to achieve music authenticity : total cancellation of noise, have the greatest speed, and separate everything, electronic boards, components, for the lowest crosstalk, better vibration and thermal management.

For this goal, HUMBOLDT has a clever chassis where everything is managed and independant with the shortest links possible. Microprocessor controlled, remote and also a brilliant network player.



WEISS Engineering - DAC 501-502

DAC 501/502 review by HIFI Knits

'Over the years I have learned that most of the time, suppliers of components developed by companies with pro-audio experience tend to excel in terms of transparency, clarity, a lot of detail or low-level resolution.They generally provide an open, coherent and well-balanced sound.The ultimate goal seems to be to provide as neutral a presentation as possible.

Bass is nicely extended, fast, taut and when needed it slams you real good.The midrange is richer and more colorful than I expected from a solid state unit. Treble is vibrant, open, delivered with sparks when needed, and yet smooth..."

WEISS DAC 501 - DAC502 - Daniel WEISS


PRANAWIRE - Câbles secteur et un nouveau support antivibratoire

COSMOS Lightspeed

Cosmos Lightspeed is the new power cable for amplifiers, conditioners and power strips.

Better than previous COSMOS design, Lightspeed, Lightspeed SE et SE2 versions open the possibilities associated to high-current cables. Dynamic, density, neutrality are still there but Californian designer Joe Cohen add speed, transparency and precision to give the uttermost performance from your state of the art electronics.


A new decoupling system coming from Annapurna platform design, for electronics and speakers. DanTien are still in developpement and will be available probably this summer. The target is to drain vibrations from your component without any ringing forward sound associated to ball bearing systems, nor dull sound due to dampened feet. Style and finish is also in work, probably different colors will be available for the 3 versions in 3 or 4 feet.

PRANAWIRE Cosmos - DanTien system - Joe COHEN



Rite of Spring, by... François-Xavier Roth or Teodor Currentzis

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