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  • Name Convergence et Style registered ®

  • Aluminium CNC at 1/10 mm, all parts by a French skilled company that has 16 years of mechanical precision tooling in Switzerland then France. Produce only prototypes and aerospace parts.

  • Aluminium platforms with "black holes" underside, in a fractal pattern. The upper platform is soft aluminium with bronze insert. All platforms could be ordered with bronze insert, raw or painted.

  • Platforms chassis (pictured silver) by 6 HARMONIX cones + base by stage (24 parts for a 3 platforms unit)

  • Vertical pillars are in aircraft aluminium for vibes drain

  • Foucault current treated. Grounding post on the top platform.

  • All parts are anodized, after a mirror surfacing in an aeronautic specialized company.

  • Titan screws

  • Mechanical grounding design

  • Completely no magnetic design

  • 125 kg

  • Colors : Black, black + silvers chassis.

  • Made to order, 12 weeks mean time

  • 4 platforms model available

  • Limited to 25 units. 5 years warranty.

  • Modular design

  • All made in France, by skilled companies

  • Minimal damping for extraction of fine details, each instruments at the rear of the stage is perfectly defined. Absolutely no congestion on fff. 

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