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May 2024 - Speakers and news 🇬🇧


ALSYVOX : best of the best 2022/2023/2024

Music lovers and reviewers are dithyrambic about these ribbon planars, which are still improved in 2024, external filters and the brand new excellent O2 feet.

At the Munich show it was clearly the reference system for transducers (Caravaggio model), which particularly amazed The Absolute Sound once again. The US magazine published July/August issue 350, with a complete review of Caravaggio XX and explanations about ALSYVOX technology.

Music lovers came to listen to our Botticelli X after Munich and were amazed to see the consistency of performance between the models, with very laudatory comments and orders.

It is clear that in our living room, the APURNA™ Soprano limited Apogée mono-blocks draw the quintessence of these fantastic transducers.

ALSYVOX Botticelli X


APURNAâ„¢ - ABORAâ„¢ AVA : Electrodynamic without restriction for melomane

The new AVA progressed very significantly compared to the end of 2022 model. If bass was a strong point, medium is now amazing on the voices. wide soudstage, openness, a very transparent sound, technical evolutions brought to the filter, components and internal wiring place this speaker on the upper level of full range transducers from 40 to 50k€. Treble is not forgotten and Franck BORNE make a final touch fo the official launch in June.

If its sound virtues are obvious, the very neat finish, the low footprint on the ground will be assets for music lovers who want a large system that can find its place in a small listening room.

When ordering, the customer can choose the name ABORA™ if it is associated with the integrated amplifier ABORA ™ A400Si or APURNA™ for owners of Prélude amplifiers or other brands.

All informations and prices will be presented on the ABORAâ„¢ website which will be open in the coming days.

APURNAâ„¢ - ABORAâ„¢ Ava



Soon June Blog, TAIKO SGM extreme edition 2024 and PRANAWIRE ARHAT USB will be featured.

Our customers and visitors are surprised by the very high-quality rendering of the PLAYBACK Stream X2 streamer well helped by the TAIKO Switch and TAIKO DC, WEISS's PSU-102 power supply.

SGM has been the reference streamer since 2019 (on the sidelines of the TAIKO Olympus and the reference WADAX which are positioned at stratospheric rates) is even better and could gives an impensable restitution before its association with PRANAWIRE Arhat Ultimate USB.

The Californian master desined a new wonder from the white sheet, and we can affirm that new perspectives are coming in the world of high-end cable.


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