Transport CD, ultra haute résolution, 2011. Etat comme neuf, moins de 800 h.

Ultra silencieux et précis. 

Sorties XLR - RCA - BNC - I2S (prise HDMI pour DAC STAHL-TEK ou autre marque en I2S)

Upgradé cones STAHL-TEK 2013

Upgrade 2020 : fusibles Synergistic Orange, presseur CD Electrocompaniet Spider

CD Drive, ultra high resolution, 2011. Absolutely mint, less than 800 h. Ultra silent and precise, the most analog sound in digital playback.

STAHL-TEK specific cones upgrade, Synergistic Orange fuses upgrade 2020, Telos caps on unused outputs and a new CD clamp from Electrocompaniet (great upgrade 2020).

XLR - RCA - BNC - I2S outputs

Distributor demo player, sold in it's original shipping box with manual.