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June 2024 - TAIKO SGM - Pranawire - ABORA A400Si - News 🇬🇧


TAIKO SGM 2024 edition : le must !

Reference server streamer since 2019 launched at PHPAUDIO in its latest version, extreme USB card as standard, improved software, more transparent than previous versions. TAIKO SGM 2024 benefits from the achievements of the development of OLYMPUS.

The chassis is a marvel of rigidity and solutions for vibration control (6000 holes). I will use it with the new PRANAWIRE ARHAT USB cable, European first !. A wonder that has required many months of development.

The power cable will be... 🤫. Joe Cohen made an absolutely incredible mains cable, a realization that gives a new perspective of the resolution of an audio system, in details, soundstage, dynamics and more important, in tones veracity.

Listening result of the SGM, ARHAT USB and NIRVANA XLS set around mid-July.

TAIKO SGM Extreme 2024 - serveur 10 To - USB Extreme output


PRANAWIRE ARHAT USB : absolute transmission

This dream USB cable to transport all the information from a streamer / server to a DAC.

New materials, unprecedented air dielectric assembly. The first cables are made by Joe himself. This cable was born from PHP AUDIO's request to offer the most perfect cable possible.

This is a mandatory step toward better recreation of music at home.

PRANAWIRE ARHAT USB - ultimate cable hand made to order by Joe Cohen 🇺🇸


ABORA â„¢ A400Si : a thunderstorm in audio !

New front and rear faceplates, 3D tooled in anodized aluminum, internal decor painted or with real wood, leather or carbon. It has an aluminum RF remote control and a level display.

This integrated has a preamp directly derived from the integrated APURNAâ„¢ Prelude.

Launched at a price of 24,900 euros, it will elevate very high sound quality for more music lovers. Much better than some integrated that border on 50,000 euros, it is 100% manufactured in France.

Tested by Vinyle&Audio, pictures and test bench in September issue.

All the informations and specifications in our July blog.

Orders are open.

ABORAâ„¢ A400Si on top - ABORA A400S (power amplifier unit in black/carbon)



DREAM line DAC has been modified with new, more refined components. Aesthetically the device is identical. The sound is more open and more dynamic, positioning this DAC in the elite of DACs without compromise. I specify that MPD-8 is very sensitive to its mains cable, support, USB, XLR, RCA cables, proof of its very high transparency. It is important to specify that because tests carried out in unfavorable conditions can limit the performance of this exceptional DAC.

First deliveries towards the end of August 2024.




I'd thank you for what you have done during the whole process of my amplifier purchase. You have been very helpful. You are simply one of the best sellers whom I have dealt with in several decades of my being an audiophile.

I will buy from you without any hesitation when the time comes.

Charlie X

Philippe installed yesterday the ALSYVOX Botticelli X which sound wonderful, despite a room that is not very large. The manufacturing quality is remarkable, it is a very beautiful object that fits perfectly into my living room.

Marc L



Okkyung Lee "Nimh"


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