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December 2022 - New amplification brand - WEISS - ALSYVOX - News 🇬🇧


New amplification brand : braking paradigm !

I'm really proud to propose a brand than began commercial ultra high-end audio in 2017. Sound is extraordinary, with both real life concert hall sensation with studio precision and details to die for.

Each listening is a marvel. Faithful tones, neutrality, ultra fast transcients, huge dynamics and slam, and also each note has body. Delicacy and micro details are awesome.

A solid state technoloy that employs disuptive aerospage technics. Music has wider and deeper soundstage, more precise position of musicians into the Scene. Mesures are first rate (impulse power, power capability down to 2 ohm, power is twice as load divided by 2, ...) but more important, you discover each record like a new event very similar to real music.

Stereo amplifier, with or without integrated preamp, and 2 mono-blocks models with or without integrated preamp.

Hand made to order in very limited quantities.

This drawing is not related to mesures but to listening performance sensation vs cost from our experience.

More information in December or in January about this line of 7 models.


WEISS Engineering : New flagship DAC

WEISS H....S will succed to MEDUS in January. This model will sit at the top of WEISS DAC line.

Specifications, pictures and prices as soon as possible.


Orders of WEISS DACs, players and streamers are open again after some components issues those last 5 months.


ALSYVOX : new prices January 2023, the 1st

Don't wait to listen and order ALSYVOX speakers or filters before December 2022 the 28.

2023 prices will be +1,2 à 2% on speakers and +6% on external filters.

ALSYVOX Botticelli



HARMONIX : RFA-7800 acoustic treatment are sold out. HARMONIX announce new RFA-7800 IMP, an improved version. Availability and cost to come.

PHPAUDIOSYSTEMS ® : announce Convergence® amplifier(s) platform in February 2023.

CD- ENHANCER : This Swedish CD/SACD demag is the best and also easy to use. ALSYVOX and our customers use it for optimal playback. Review to come in a French publication at the end of December.

PLAYBACK DESIGNS DAC Player MPS-8 : complete review in Vinyle&Audio##16 available at the end of December 🤩.

OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS : first production of 6 US outlets Nano Plant The Element (silver edition).


Records of the month

Enhanced with use of PRANAWIRE Cosmos Lightspeed SE Bocchino

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