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April 2024 - New horizons - customers feedbacks - news 🇬🇧



Music lovers dream of listening to music with emotion, this feeling of being at the concert or in a recording studio, without a veil, without restriction.

Our selections since the end of 2019 is a path to excellence, and 2024 is certainly a major moment for the most ambitious installations but also for our most affordable offers.

The last 6 months demonstrated the superiority of our electronics, acoustic speakers, cables, and also ou digital line. Our "essential accessories" are mandatory.

ABORAâ„¢ A400Si is the integrated amplifier that exceeds (largely) all its competitors up to 2 times its price. New style, new display, new RF remote control, Franck Borne's latest addition will be available in early May. A dedicated communication will be made for the launch of this unique electronic.

It offers most of the unparalleled musicality of the APURNAâ„¢ Prelude for almost half the price. Made in France, with a majority of French and European parts, no mere low cost product badged as I have seen those last months, hidden behind a brand of the past or pseudo technologies. Compare, the result is overwhelming within 2 minutes.

ABORAâ„¢ A400S (integrated picture in May)

PRANAWIRE USB ARHAT Ultimate. The idea of using an absolute cable on the best streamers/servers germinated in my collaboration with Joe Cohen. It will arrives at the end of April, a thunderbolt in the high-end cable world. New materials, new technology, the first units are made by Joe himself. This cable will be a turning point for the creation of new cable models from this legendary manufacturer.

PRANAWIRE ARHAT USB ultimate cable (picture in May)

MASTER GROUND SYSTEM. Customers listen, customers discover and adopt these unique components in terms of grounding. PRANAWIRE's lead in this application is as great as it is in cables domain.

PRANAWIRE Interceptor Level III

TAIKO SGM version 2024. The best streamer / server will arrive at the begining of May in its latest version with extreme USB port and the new software (beta tested at the end of 2023). At an already substantial price, it redefines the musical restitution and closes the debate VINYL, CD, SACD, BLUE RAY and dematerialized. Absolutely fantastic! It will be combined with the PRANAWIRE ARHAT Lightspeed Bocchino power cable and HARMONIX interfaces.


PLAYBACK DESIGNS. Our MPD-8 version 2024 will be in demo since mid April. We'll talk about its unparalleled performance next month. MPD-6 Edelweiss line, with or without Stream X2 module, is a hit in its price range and well beyond. Once again, the German designers had done prowess in terms of musicality. PLAYBACK is built in California.


ALSYVOX, the best better than ever. The Italian designer has released new semi-pendular ball feet that are much better than the previous design used under the planars since 2017.

Our customers upgrade their ALSYVOX, our demo Botticelli will have their O2 very soon.

These O2 feet are available at 5000 euros including VAT the set of 8 as upgrade, and will be standard on ALSYVOX from May or June with a price increase of 3500 euros.

If BOTTICELLI model is the best seller, don't miss TINTORETTO which is a formidable speaker , more affordable, and very interesting in small rooms

ALSYVOX 02 new semi pendular 3 stages ball bearing systems



"HARMONIX TU-210 ZXM cone is the best support I have ever tried. It replaced my Critical Mass System Black Platinum and CMS 0.8 2M set under my Bespoke Audio preamp. It offers much more details and naturalness than the CMS.

Once again, thank you for your exceptional customer service. I am sincerely grateful " YF.

"The conclusion is that on all criteria, APURNA Prélude is superior to my amplifier. My wife is of the same opinion. We have to face the obvious, if I want more music I have to switch to APURNA". SP.

"PRANAWIRE interceptor level III is a great upgrade, and it's not just a little better! I'm going to show it to a friend." VB

"Thank you so much for your support on a CD player that I didn't buy from you. I will not forget your help and attention to my problem. Thank you again." PG.



WEISS HELIOS : expected for months, the highest model in the range will finally arrive (!) for a test at PHPAUDIO around April the 20th. High praise in HAUTE FIDELITÉ magazine March issue.



Knopfler et Clapton, average recoding quality but interesting to listen.

Hoshiko YAMANE is Tangerine Dream member sin 2011.


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