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March 2024 - Dream and mirages - news 🇬🇧



Music lover or audiophile dreams of emotion feelings like at concert in her (his) home. Learned by his journey of building an audio system for years or in search of the right installation, the music lover is advised by sellers, friends, forums and manufacturers. I have rarely seen very relevant posts on forums, there are a lot of amalgams, biases or even confusions. Manufacturers are increasingly boasting of producing the best DAC in the world (I have spotted a good dozen!), the best amp, the best speakers, the best cables or the best accessories. Relationships can be useful if they share listening to a device that seems really good to them.

The mirage begins as soon as it is an unverified or unfounded or even uninteresting or even penalizing assertions (bandwidth that goes to 20 MHz announces a known brand of electronics?!).

I was able to compare the APURNA™ Prelude amp to 7 brands in the last 6 months, none has lasted more than 2 minutes, customers, contacts, sellers, all are stunned by the unique sound quality of this electronics. I should say that all electronics compared were integrated at the same price than the APURNA™ Prélude or preamp + monoblocs.

I have been able to compare PRANAWIRE cables to several renowned brands for years and even extremely expensive, every time the PRANAWIRE is declared superior by the auditor.

If I put aside the ALSYVOX speakers that are unanimously considered the best (a beautiful article will be available in June by a US magazine), the APURNA™ AVA speaker has left to unquestionably impose itself in the range of transducers at €38 / 45k. The final version of AVA is being assembled and the first listeners of November 2023 will be surprised by the improvement of this electrodynamic speaker in its 2024 version.

For digital, I'll talk about it again next month.

APURNAâ„¢ Soprano - bloc mono


ABORAâ„¢ A400S integrated

If A400S in amplifier version showed its filiation with the APURNAâ„¢ Prelude, customers insisted on having an integrated version. The brand new A400Si is in the final testing step and will probably be available for sale towards the end of April. The sound has improved since 2023 version as well as the aesthetics. Ergonomy of the remote control and its fine finish are clearly the identity of the French Brand. A very beautiful French high-end and more affordable than the "indetronable" APURNAâ„¢ Prelude. Pictures in April...

Remote control of ABORAâ„¢ A400Si


APURNAâ„¢ AVA 2024

Listening will ravish lovers of dynamic, detailed speakers with natural tones. Full range, low footprint, it's a dazzling and easy speaker. Come and listen to it and compare it with the competition, you will be very pleasantly surprised.

APURNAâ„¢ AVA 2024 edition before drivers and filter assembly



2024 version of the Mahasamadhi is a hit on preamp, streamer, transport and power amp / integrated. This cable, which shares the same design as the famous ARHAT Lightspeed, offers staggering performance at a lower price.

PRANAWIRE MahaSamadhi Lightspeed 2024 - Bocchino IEC




New retail prices of VAULT of the MASTER GROUNDING SYSTEM with the new VAULT levels III and X versions. Our VAULT level II on demonstration represents a very high level of performance for an affordable price.

ARHAT USB cable, first world introduction, will be launched in April as the "absolute" USB cable for streaming.

New product in passive AC conditioner will be presented in April or May...


HELIOS finally arrives in test at PHPAUDIO after the praise of the magazine HAUTE FIDÉLITÉ !


ULTIME version is improved without a price increase. Details in April.

A more economical version will be available in MAY, composition and price to come.

Realization on request of Convergence platforms for your rack or even in interface under your speakers (for example, customer request for its MBL 101).




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