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September 2023 - PRANAWIRE, ABORA™, TAIKO, News 🇬🇧



The Californian brand well known for their fantastic audio cables, launch their new generation of Ground system. Years after RUBY, EMERALD and other models, the new system has 2 components : INTERCEPTORS and VAULT. Interceptors connect on your gears, individually, and Vault reinforce Interceptors effect. 1 Vault has 3 binding posts and can accept 6 cables, directly for your electronic or from Interceptor ground point.

Unpacking INTERCEPTORS and VAULT, I was surprised by the size and also by the quite high weight especially from VAULT !. Joe told me that this is mandatory to have a big SGEP (super enhanced ground plane) and the quantity of dissipation products sealed inside. Finish is clean and Style is refined. All is performance oriented. Vault can be put on the floor like Interceptor.

PRANAWIRE VAULT level II in matte Hickory finish

Distribution by PHPAUDIO® in France,Switzerland, Luxemburg, Poland, Austria and Sweden. Other European countries, please contact PHPAUDIO®


ABORA™ : lThe new brand from APURNA™

ABORA™ is a brand created by Franck BORNE, the designer of APURNA™. The goal is to offer the essentials of APURNA sound quality for a more affordable budget. If Franck uses the same amplification circuits, the boards and components are less extreme, as is the simpler chassis. The first product, the A400S amplifier, is a 2x200w @ 8 ohm stereo amp. Only one symmetrical input but very high quality XRL-RCA adapters are provided for people using asymmetric links.

Specifications and details will be on the ABORA™ page of this Website before the end of September. The sale price is 19,000 euros including French VAT, black or silver finish.

Export price is available for 🇨🇭and on special request.

The sound is really close to a Prelude, with nevertheless a little less definition and refinement on the tone. Dynamics are very good, with an advantage to APURNA™ Prelude (which costs 42,800 euros in power amplifier version without integrated preamp).

ABORA™ A400S is on demo at PHPAUDIO®.

ABORA™ A400S hand made in France

Distribution by PHPAUDIO® in France,Switzerland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain, UK and Sweden. Other countries, please contact PHPAUDIO®



TAIKO SWITCH will arrive this week 😁, listening test in October Blog.

TAIKO Switch Extreme



For PHPAUDIO® 15th anniversary, we do some incentives on all brands save ALSYVOX and APURNA™ that are hand made to order, until the end of November 2023.

Please contact me to know more about Anniversary prices, contact us


Records of the month

Thank you to Christian for sharing us Janine Jansen nice performance


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