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September 2021 - AUDIONET (🇬🇧)


AUDIONET, electronics of the future

I choose AUDIONET, particularly the amplifiers, from mono AMP to the lengendary Heisenberg mono blocks.

The sound ! unmatched transparency, especially HUMBOLDT and HEISENBERG Ultimate line, or the fabulous STERN preamp. Neutrality, absolute transparency, absence of distorsion, ultra fast transients, delicate and true tones, huge dynamic scale and a wide, deep, precise soundstage.

Born from a new technology, an innovative topology, complex and also with short - direct signal paths, everything gives you music like never before, and with convenience (selections, protection, display).

ABSOLUTE SOUND is raved about HUMBOLDT which now set the standard

A bit less powerful than Heisenberg, with a dual mono preamp, 2 mono amplifiers, all included in a clever chassis that manages vibrations, thermal and a lot of parameters that gives this ultimate electronic such a pure sound. All in one, less cables.. purest sound especially with our Cosmos Lightspeed SE power cord.

It's just magic, hat off to AUDIONET for this fabulous machine...

For any questions, feel free to contact me.


Record of the month


Less Is Endless

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