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October 2023 - Our stars and the News 🇬🇧



APURNA™ Prélude integrated stereo amplifier (exist in stereo amplifier only)

The latest comparative tests are eloquent, customers declare APURNA™ Prelude much better vs a famous German integrated amplifier (at more than €44k), against 2 Swiss mono blocks (at €35k) and another famous Swiss integrated amplifier (at €35k). Next comparative tests will be a Danish Integrated amp and large mono blocks... APURNA™ is the most dynamic, the best on tones and endowed with an exceptional bass. In terms of restitution of details and transients, he crushed the 3 brands that are renowned.

2 out of 3 demo are reserved, there is still 1 Prélude in gloss piano black, only 25hours, interesting price and under warranty.

APURNAâ„¢ informations and prices. Time to shipping is 8 to 10 weeks after order.

APURNA™ Prélude 2023 made in France 🇫🇷


TAIKO Switch Extreme sur PLAYBACK DESIGNS MPS-8 DAC Player et streamer Stream-X2

PLAYBACK STREAM-X2 integrated streamer offers a streaming or file playback quality that is comparable to the MPS-X independent Streamer (without optical link) for the owner of a PLAYBACK MPT-8 transport or the MPS-8 DAC Player. Combined with the TAIKO Switch extreme, the contribution of TAIKO is absolutely enormous in transparency, dynamic scales and fluidity. It is incomparable with standard switches, even high-end. The soundstage is finally wide and deep as only few extreme streamers allow (TAIKO SGM and WADAX). A streaming system that exceeds in musicality streamers that cost twice the price of the set (Stream-X2+Extreme Switch: 9630 euros). Our best result is obtained with decoupling with a single HARMONIX TU 1000 M Million Majesty foot.

Next test, the specific TAIKO Extreme Power Supply power for the SWITCH EXTREME (or TAIKO router) with grounding at PRANAWIRE VAULT 🚀.


ABORAâ„¢ A400S using APURNAâ„¢ disruptive technology

ABORA A400S 2x200W@8ohm amplifier is a more affordable version of the Prelude amplifier. Musicality and performances are quite close to the APURNAâ„¢ Prelude without reaching its perfection, especially in nuances, sound atmospheres and absence of saturation.

The ABORA â„¢ A400S amp has also been declared better by music lovers than amps compared to the Prelude. At 19,000 euros VAT included, it forms the basis of a very beautiful system. I only have 1 demonstration ABORAâ„¢ A400 S available for sale (September2023 model), before small aesthetic evolutions. Contact me about the price, available for shipping at the end of November.



APURNA™ : warranty of SOPRANO and APOGÉE mono blocks increases to 5 years.

Prélude stéréo in now 3 years warranty.

Only demo APURNA™ purchased from PHPAUDIO® have a 2-year warranty.

TAIKO : STREAMER/SERVER SGM Extreme tests during the end of 2023. La crème de la crème 🤩

APURNA™ : the new AVA speaker is in permanent demonstration until the end of November at PHPAUDIO®. A remarkable speaker at 44,000 euros.

The mid-2023 demonstration model is available for sale. TheHP covers can be changed for another color. Contact me for the price of this demo model available for shipping November the 25th. Case not to bemissed.

APURNAâ„¢ AVA new launched model 2023

Optional leather or wood decorations




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