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October 2022 - Convergence® - Playback Designs - Pranawire - Harmonix - News 🇬🇧


Convergence® - Anchor your audio system !

Convergence® is a support for front end electronics, a turntable, even an amplifier of "moderate" size like Audionet Humboldt.

All parts are made from specific aluminium, CNC tooled at 1/10 mm all dimensions. This high precision support has a very high impedance, far above any rack on the market. It has a patented vibrations reduction system of the platforms without any damping that slower and color the sound. Most manufacturers damp, a wrong way. The upper platform is a special aluminium / bronze system. All platforms are grounded to the chassis with top range Harmonix parts.

Specifications here.

Sound ? absolute neutrality, absence of distorsion. No more micro saturations that we could attribute to components. A new era in term of high-definition. Tones are more real and dynamics micro and macro are improved. Bass and infra bass is so much better than it's really surprising, more energy, more delineation. This open our Alsyvox Botticelli X to incredible performance in this part of spectrum. Soundstage is more 3D, deeper.

Convergence® - audio support. Model ultime n°001. Made to order, limited to 25 units.



PLAYBACK DESIGNS has 2 streamers, MPS-X and STREAM-X2 card which can be integrated into MPT-8 transport or le DAC player MPS-8 / MPS-6.




PRANAWIRE prices adjusted due to USD/Euro currency.

HIJIRI XLR (AES-EBU) new retail prices.

PRANAWIRE, customer review :

"the incredible Arhat Lightspeed jumpers 🤩. After another 100h of running-in, they opened up an impressive 3D sound image. The details are superb, the bass really well crazy as in live music. I am so grateful and happy to have discovered these magic jumpers".

"Apart from classical and jazz, I sometimes listen to electronics/rock... and this is the most spectacular improvement of the Arhat power cord. Sounds now come naturally from the sound space and no longer look like a “what was it?” The natural sound is impeccable!

The movement of a car or train on the sound stage is now so fluid and so natural from beginning to end... the Doppler effect is perfectly demonstrated.

Classical music and jazz... have the freedom of a live concert.




We test a new, very high-end amplifier this week 🤩, we will compare it to AUDIONET Humboldt ! This amplifier is made to order and has been recommended by a music lover and a highly regarded speaker manufacturer. More about it in November.

After 12 years, I stop TENOR AUDIO. It was my reference amplifier for 15 years, but things change.

e-CD. A Swedish CD/SACD/DVD/BLU-RAY demag at 150 euros, the best I tried from AC units to Walker Talisman. High quality magnet, easy to use, 100% made in Sweeden.

PHPAUDIO import and sale e-CD. A must to use with Essence of Music optice treatment. Your CD/SACD will sound like master tapes.


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