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October 2021 - ALSYVOX and more news (🇬🇧)


ALSYVOX, new 2022 external filters

Early November, you could listen to ALSYVOX Botticelli X i.e. with external filter configuration. These filters will be the first models in Europe of the new 2022 design, with more refined components, thick solid copper shielding allowing the new filters a better precision of instruments in the soundstage, a wider and deeper soundstage. Each note is better defined, more precise. The tones are even more natural by an increased delicacy (rightness) of the upper medium and highs, the components of the filters being much better protected from EMI and RFi. The bass is deeper, more dynamic, the medium is more transparent (!). A supreme accomplishment considering the performance of Botticelli played with their internal filters.

Each filter allows adaptation to the room acoustic by adjusting the output level of each driver without any potentiometer or component that could alter the signal. An extreme approach to allow Tintoretto and Botticelli to reach their full potential.

Addictive !


NEW : Ultra high-end audio rack

After several years of research for the ideal solution, my passion for music and my expertise in vibratory mechanics led me to design an exceptional audio rack.

A piece of furniture that will seduce music lovers in search of a support at the highest level for their wonderful electronics.

Made in France by a company that masters precision, high-end finishing, after years of practice in Switzerland, you can now have a great sound improvement without any euphonic effects or hardnesses often eared with (expensive) racks that are not rigid enough or using low impedance materials like wood or polymers. No compromise in design, perfect finish.

The first element of seduction, before music, is its aesthetic that departs from usual designs... Pictures, news about it next month. Patent pending.

Given the performance of this rack and the amps or power supplies stands that will be available in January, I stop importing MODULUM AUDIO.



I stop HANSS ACOUSTICS analog players. For 2 years, only T28 entry line model was still available.

T90 or T60SE were excellent players and at a bargain price vs the competition.

New products in November / December in accessory... absolutely magic.

Waiting informations about the new WEISS digital flagship models, transport and DAC that will be statements in "no digital sound" with convenience.


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