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Novembre - WEISS Engineering at PHPAUDIO - ALSYVOX news


WEISS Engineering is PHPAUDIO new Digital Brand

WEISS Engineering is a Swiss brand established for 35 years in Zürich. Specialized in Professional equipment for recording studios, WEISS launched a High-End line some decades ago.

WEISS design and build only digital equipments with outstanding sound playback. The sound is studio like, neutral, precise, ultra detailed with none of the euphonic sound made by tubes or softening components or signal treatments.

Listen to music with direct connection with no digital sound.

Apart from being 100% Swiss made, precisely crafted, Weiss is apart from "old audio system concept".

WEISS design and build a modern CD player MAN301 that rip CDs, store them*, replay or listen to music from you best provider with wifi antennae or high-rez files from LAN.

DAC 501/502 have also a DSP capable to tune the sound of your system to your room. In one word, enter the new digital age for more perfect music at home in easy manner.

A renowned Audio Writer say in Stereophile in 2020, The WEISS DAC 502 is on par with the very best DAC, but the other DAC is 2,5 x the retail price of the WEISS. A true high-end winner.

MAN 301 will be at PHPAUDIO in November.

* in external NAS (Network Audio Storage), not provided from WEISS. Contact PHPAUDIO for



ALSYVOX NEWS - TINTORETTO X, X external filters and new prices for 2021

TINTORETTO is available with external crossover called X version. This gives a more refined sound, better bass and imaging.

External X filters in acrylic are now available for BOTTICELLI and TINTORETTO with black câbles links to the speakers in standard, red cables is now an option.

2021 prices increased for all models, so if you want an ALSYVOX speakers demo or new, order them before December the 15.

The best loudspeakers for music re creation at home : unparalleled transparency and details, soundstage to die for, in a stylish Italian design.




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