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November 2023 - Rites of passage towards a better sound 🇬🇧



At PHPAUDIO we use HARMONIX cones and bases under external filters. On our wooden floor, the combination of REI-168 + 2 bases RF-999Z + 1 RF-999a+, offers a wider, more precise soundstage as well as a noticeable gain in dynamics and transients. RF-999a+ are available for order.

An evolution of the external X filter will allow a clear improvement in sound reproduction from high bass to midrange. Higher precision, sound transparency and definition is increased. This evolution will be available from December 2023.


Streaming is now an essential source but it not easy to offer a sound on par with the level of a very high-end CD / SACD player. An integrated streamer like the PLAYBACK STREAM-X2 can be really exceptional if you attach a TAIKO Extreme Switch and a TAIKO Extreme power supply. With our direct wiring from the Box with a Primus, the sound quality approaches the quality heard in MUNICH on the ALSYVOX - TAIKO stand.

TAIKO AUDIO Extreme power supply (bronze) next to the Extreme Switch (polished stainless steel) in MUNICH 2023 The Extreme Power Supply is now in polished or matte black stainless steel finish

For a better result, PLAYBACK DESIGNS MPS-X streamer in PLINK optical connection offers an undeniable progress in terms of fluidity and the soundstage get a new dimension.

Of course La crème de la crème is the TAIKO AUDIO SGM Extreme Streamer Server which in its latest iteration surpasses the best CD/SACD/BLU-RAY players. Über result is obtain with TAIKO SWITCH and separate power supply.


APURNAâ„¢ and ABORAâ„¢

The 2 prestigious French brands will offer some evolutions for APURNA™ and a new visual identity for ABORA™ which will undoubtedly be the reference for amplifiers below €35k. To date, NO amplifier tested in comparison with the APURNA™ Prélude or the ABORA A400S has lasted more than 2 minutes (German/Swiss/Danish/English...). No arbitrary inference, these results show the superiority of the manufacturer's disruptive technology. We have 2 APURNA™ Prelude ex demo and 1 ABORA™ A400S at extremely attractive rates.

New models are delivered 8 weeks after order for stereo amplifiers and 10 weeks for monophonic blocks.

APURNA™ SOPRANO Limited Apogée 🇫🇷




Raffaello elected best speaker in MUNICH in 2023 and Botticelli X best speaker tested in 2023 by ENJOY THE MUSIC. Caravaggio model is now only available in single version.


Official presentation of AVAâ„¢ speakers at the end of November. I will present in more details this new speaker that use the knowledge of 2018 CARMINA model (now sold out). APURNAâ„¢ Facebook page start after a hack of the historical page (new name is Amplifier Apurna). Franck BORNE will announces the novelties and essential information.

APURNA™ AVA™ with optional wood or leather decor🇫🇷



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