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November 2022 - New brand for amplification - Harmonix - News 🇬🇧


New preamp and amplifiers brand - The graal !

PHPAUDIO loved the tones of TENOR AUDIO although a bit colorful, but rich in texture. Not the most detailed and a bit laid back presentation. TENOR is not sold anymore at PHPAUDIO for some months.

I am fascinated by the transparency of the AUDIONET Humboldt and its dynamics, its sense of details but I have a touch reserve about the reproduction of complex tones in the treble compared to the TENOR: cymbals, bells, flutes, xylophone, triangle for example.

An amplifier tested for 1 month has been revealed to be as good as the TENOR on tones, harmonics, but much more neutral. It's a marvel in terms of transparency, speed, details, a sumptuous and hyper precise sound image, with an absolutely breathtaking dynamic. Bass is beautiful, expressive and have huge slam.

I will say more about it in December, what is certain is that this amp with or without preamp is absolutely fabulous. He will be at PHPAUDIO in mono-blocs for the end of 2022 🤩.



HARMONIX supports do wonders under electronics, speakers and of course audio supports (racks, amp support platforms.).

RFA-7800 is the acoustic treatment from HARMONIX. The basic kit consists of 18 dots that are easily placed. If the manufacturer remains very discreet about its technology, the results are staggering to the point of recommending it before any additional acoustic treatment. Comment from a speaker manufacturer to whom we delivered 1 kit: "quite interesting, better definition (something like a piezo ultrasonic super tweeter). More musical involvement, less digital sounding music, soundstage is better and a bit higher in the room, and better defined".



ALSYVOX : we work on specific feet that will be offered in upgrade. They will have specific parts tuned for ribbon speakers

PLAYBACK DESIGNS : streamer STREAM-X2 module can be integrated into MPT-8 transport or DAC Player MPS-8 as our demo model. Excellent sound and affordable price.


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