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May 2023 - Music reproduction at home, new paths... 🇬🇧


PRANAWIRE : ARHAT Lightspeed 2023, a revelation !

Joe Cohen produced me this interconnect to link PLAYBACK MPS-8 DAC Player to APURNAâ„¢ monoblocs. This lightspeed version of ARHAT interconnect is so transparent that ALSYVOX planars, APURNAâ„¢ amplifiers and all, give their best for the first time. The improvement is so high that all the recordings are much more real, more faithful to a live event. It's absolutely stunning to access to a new music space in our room, really addictive. This Californian cable has huge dynamics, very real tones with delicates shades and a see trough quality due to a complete new world of details. No smoky tech here, neither fashion but real High-Tec. Ultra pur silver ribbon cables with 3 shields and 17 elements construction. Available from 1m, 8 weeks from order.

PRANAWIRE ARHAT Lightspeed 2023 (3.5m XLR-XLR)


TAIKO. La crème de la crème

Streaming is capable of true ultra high-end sound, especially from this famed brand.

TAIKO Extreme Serveur and Switch will arrive here in the coming months due to time for manufacturing and a high demand.

TAIKO will complete our offer in streaming and server for the ultimate level. WEISS DACs 501/502/4CH have a very good streamer included, PLAYBACK DESIGNS MPS-X and STREAM-X2 are better streamers than Weiss for most demanding melomanes . Availability and prices on request.

TAIKO Extrem server in silver (black edition available)


MUNICH High-End Audio Show

ALSYVOX will be at Atrium 4.2 room E214

WEISS will be at IPS, in Hall 1, B13

PHPAUDIO can receive you on appointment before or after Munich Audio Show.



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