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MAY 2021 - PRANAWIRE Breakthrough (🇬🇧)


ARHAT LIGHTSPEED POWER CORD, unexpected performance

No more need of conditioner that blur music, just plug Arhat Lightspeed and discover the unexpected potential of re creation of music at home.

It has a cathartic effect, soundstage is larger and wider, resolution is to die for with an absolute absence of distorsion. Naturalness is at an edge level I thought not possible until now.

The best use is to power front end : transport, network player, DAC, preamp, also power distributor if you have only front end connected. For Power amplifiers, Cosmos Lightspeed SE gives more energy for dynamic scale.

WEISS MAN 301 now sound just stratospheric. Come and listen for yourself the accomplishment !

Available now from 1 meter, with Oyaide M1/F1 or M1/Bocchino IEC for ultimate sound.

Hat off Joe for this marvel. Only available at PHPAUDIO in Europe, other countries, ask.



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