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MAY 2021 - OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS Power Plant (🇬🇧)

PHPAUDIO listening room will open again after lock-down, since May the 26th (on appointment).


OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS - Power plant Nano and The Element

A purist approach

I told you that I always prefer unfiltered power block than active conditioners. Pierre Johannet ing. at EDF (French National power Company) made extensive research about that and concluded like many designers, that passive block is more faithful to unamplified music.

I tested the OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS Power plant, on par with a famous 10 k€ Japanese power block, which shares the same global design : unfiltered, massive aluminium CNC box for impedance and ultra high purity wires in star topology. Power Plant weight 12,5kg, AC power cord is an option.

Lightly dampened, Power Plant has no fuse, no switch, and is wired with high purity cooper cable with a thin silver layer (NANO version) or in ultra high purity silver (THE ELEMENT version).

THE ELEMENT version is on demo at PHPAUDIO.

- Power Plant NANO 2780 euros TTC

- Power Plant THE ELEMENT 4160 euros TTC

THE ELEMENT gives a really pristine, clear and highly resolved presentation, very natural with a perfect respect of tones and harmonics that mélomanes will love. It also have a very good finish and value as it sounds really on par with a 10k€ well known Nippon power block. I must say that Power Plant is better with 3 cones and 3 cups. We can provide you the best vibration grounding system for your Power Plant :

- Power Plant THE ELEMENT with 3 cones + 3 Harmonix 999-MT € 5.700,00 TTC

* NANO and THE ELEMENT can be ordered with a dedicated power cord from OMEGA AUDIO, NANO cooper/silver or THE ELEMENT pur silver.

Of course, PRANAWIRE Cosmos Lightspeed or Arhat Lightspeed are the best solution.

Until PRANAWIRE Sky Dancer power block availability (and at a much higher price than Power Plant), OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS Power Plant is our new reference in power distribution.

OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS is an Italian Brand which design and build ALSYVOX versions X external filters. Power plant is 100% made in Italy 🇮🇹.



A wonderful selection from a PHPAUDIO customer visited in April


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