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March 2023 - PLAYBACK DESIGNS - WEISS - APURNA™ - News 🇬🇧



HAUTE-FIDÉLITÉ magazine # 261 February / March 2023 raved about MPS-6 DAC player CD/SACD and about MPS-X streamer in a former issue, both won "REFERENCE PRODUCT". MPS-6 is built to high standards and use the same technologies than DREAM line, only some adjustments are made to offer stellar performance at quite lower cost than DREAM MPS-8.

MPS-X streamer tested by HIFI-ADVICE (review to come) seduced Ch. Punter accustomed to very high-end streamers.

PLAYBACK DESIGNS products can be connected together with P-LINK, a high quality optical system. No galvanic transmission for a purer sound. Also XLR and SPDIF are available to match other brands.


WEISS : HELIOS available and new prices

The first WEISS HELIOS are being shipped from Uster 🇨🇭 for the lucky very first customers.

I will listen to this DAC soon and report about sound improvement over DAC 501/502 4 CH, due to professional decoding technic.

New WEISS prices since March 1st.


APURNA™ : absolue reference

They are the best in performance and in re creation of real live music at home. Last week-end, mélomanes came to listen to the fantastic ALSYVOX Botticelli X, APURNA™ Soprano Limited Apogée matching with the full range ribbon planars is absolutely amazing. For mélomanes that want the very best, Prélude, Soprano or Apogée, each model is a pearl.

Come and listen to music like never before (the very best end of discussion).



HARMONIX : TU-210 ZX-M Million Maestro will soon be under test here. Are they as supreme than K. Kuichi told ? 😁

HIJIRI cables : new length 2,5m and 3m for some cables

New prices especially the XLR versions.


Records of the month

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