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July 2023 - APURNA™, TAIKO and more News 🇬🇧


APURNAâ„¢ : World premiere review the new generation 2023 !

Vinyle&Audio came to listen to the new SOPRANO monoblocks 2023, more powerful than the previous versions, with the optional Limited Apogee pack that brings style and musicality to these dream amplifiers.

I will put on my Website, mid July, an English version of Vinyle&Audio issue 19 magazine. Below are 2 passages that place these new amplifiers at the forefront of what is possible and term of precision, dynamics and quality of tones. For the transient response, lovers of contemporary music will be surprised by this truly unusual amplifier, supremely fast (more than Swiss or German competitors that are praised for high speed).

"Having listened to the Alsyvox in different combinations, this is the first time that I was in front of an electronics that sublime them so much"

"The APURNAâ„¢ Soprano Limited Apogee is a tour de force machine. They have, strictly speaking, no limits".

If the French amplifier can be compared in terms of design and production to exceptional parts such as, for example, Richard Mille watches, its price is nevertheless quite accessible if we refer to the sound result. It takes 12 to 14 weeks to get a pair of SOPRANO limited Apogee.

At the end of July, the Prelude stero amplifier will be on permanent display at PHPAUDIO® and music lovers will see that the stereo unit with its optional built-in preamp is in the same vein. Open day coming up with designer Franck Borne this summer.

After excellent reviews from 2017 to 2021, L'AudiodeFrance,6 Moons,ON-MAG,Audiophilefr, APURNAâ„¢ continues its quest for the absolute for music.



TAIKO : extreme switch

High-quality streaming playback can compete in rare cases with excellent CD playback. Often if the sound is correct, the comparison with a CD, a XRCD or a SACD red on an excellent CD/SACD transport (there are few also), it is easy to detect a simpler sound even in Hi-Rez in terms of tonal richness, nuances, sharpness in streaming. It is a bit better with a hard drive connected to the streamer by USB, especially listening to native DSD files.

Listen to a Stream X2 from PLAYBACK DESIGNS or MPSX or yours (for example a Weiss) with the help of the TAIKO Switch Extreme and you will hear a spectacular improvement in performance and naturalness.

Our new Extreme Switch will be in demonstration from the end of August and the TAIKO page will be on our site mid-July.

TAIKO Extreme Switch


PRANAWIRE : Master ground system

The first 3 modules of the Master Ground System will arrive at the end of July, 2 INTERCEPTORS level III and 1 VAULT.

They will be used to enhance the potential of the DAC player PLAYBACK DESIGNS MPS-8 and its streamer, as well as the CONVERGENCE® audio stand that supports it. Results of listening will be published in August Blog.

Price list is ici

INTERCEPTOR Level III (right) pictured without cable and VAULT (both Hickory oil finish)


HARMONIX : New RS-777Z Million Maestro cones

Kazuo KUICHI launches a new premium cone at 1990 euros VAT included / a set of 4.

Its base has a diameter of 49.5mm and the height is 22mm. It is a cone suitable for the bases RF-900M - RF909Z and RF-999Z. It is available to order.

RS-777Z is very interesting under heavy appliances or when your installation does not allow to use very high cones.

HARMONIX RS-777 Z Million Maestro




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