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February 2024 - WEISS - TAIKO - ABORA - PRANAWIRE - news 🇬🇧

Dernière mise à jour : 14 févr.


WEISS HELIOS - MAN 301R and prices

HELIOS WEISS's flagship DAC streamer will be on demonstration at PHPAUDIO at the end of February. Compatible with Roon and JPlay (available in IOS and Google interface).

MAN301R. WEISS's CD player, streamer, ripper is now only in a new version Roon compatible, internet radios and more. As an option, it is always possible to add a DAC A or B (DAC B is better) inside. Evolution includes hardware and is available. Retail price of the evolution is not yet established but will be around 5100 euros including VAT.

With active speakers, it can be a very efficient all-in-one system, at an attractive price.

Prices. Higher WEISS prices estimated at +12% around mid February. Don't wait if you plan a WEISS purchase.

WEISS MAN 301R 2024


TAIKO AUDIO : SGM EXTREME - OLYMPUS, Summits of music from streaming and server..

TAIKO SGM EXTREME streamer / server is the iconic model from the Dutch brand. Since 2019, it has allowed the creation of dematerialized systems competing with or surpassing the best digital sources, CD/SACD/BLU RAY, Open Wheel and even analog turntables.

The good news is that SGM incorporates now EXTREME USB output card without price increase 😁 (previously optional). SGM will be in permanent demonstration from mid-April.


In 2024, TAIKO launch OLYMPUS an even more powerful streamer / server using new techniques and software after a 4-years development. It can optionally receive XDMi outputs a "lossless" protocol.

Launch of I/O battery power supply (option) to obtain absolute fluidity. I/O is compatible with OLYMPUS but also with SGM EXTREME.

Complete TAIKO system also includes DC EXTREM power supply, EXTREM SWITCH and EXTREM ROUTER. This allows an optimization of each function and concretely the boxes being compact, the installation is easy and takes very little space. Craftsmanship quality is splendid, unsurpassed in my experience.


ABORA™ A400S, the integrated version !

ABORA A400S is a stereo power amplifier. Many audiophiles told us that they feel interest in an integrated version. Same amplifier section with a preamp derivate from APURNA™ Prélude and a remote control. Description next month, availability April 2024.

ABORA™ 2024 power transformer brand plate


PRANAWIRE, Ultimate USB cable

If PHOTON USB Lightspeed (silver conductors) is a superior USB cable, the new ARHAT Lightspeed USB Ultimate is an all assault design for the very best sound. Silver conductors in a different pattern, air dielectric constructions and 13 layers shielding, no effort is spared to extract the smallest nuance, the most realistic tones, uncompressed dynamics, exceptionally opened soundstage.

The first unit will be here mid April, it will shine on TAIKO, WADAX and all exceptional streamers.

Retail price is 7900 euros incl. VAT in 1m (8 weeks mean building time to order ).

ARHAT lightspeed Ultimate USB cable 2024 (illustration)


no compromise data transfert from a streamer to a DAC


Length : from 1 meter to 2 meters

Diameter : 3,8 cm - Tails = 23 cm, each side

Ultra pure silver conductors, oriented. Air dielectric main body 54 cm quite heavy. The tails are flexible to ensure easy connection. The construction is quite complicated with many stages and layers, for the shielding with 13 insulation including lightspeed.




RFG Inventions for Cellos and computers

Last record is to thank the Maestro Teodor CURRENTZIS of his venue at PHPAUDIO®

in December 2023. A great moment...


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