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February 2023 - WEISS - APURNA™ - PLAYBACK DESIGNS - News 🇬🇧

Dernière mise à jour : 18 mars 2023


WEISS. HELIOS, The new flagship DAC from the Swiss brand 🇨🇭

MEDUS successor, HELIOS is a ambitious design. Digital to analog use the same technology than WEISS Uster studio machines. This close the gap between High-End and Pro gears.

Daniel WEISS chooses ESS Sabre ES9038PRO, the DAC specialized in SACD, BLU-RAY and DSD hi-rez formats. Analog output section uses 4 op amplifiers from WEISS and improved power supply.

Slim style is visually similar to DAC 502 et 502 4CH, but the enclosure is completly different, much more rigid, all in aluminium like was MEDUS, with a specificic steel internal shielding.

WEISS Engineering HELIOS - 2023 Professional performance DAC

Strong point, 7 fixed output levels + 1 continuous digital. This assures a perfect match with any amplifier, direct or with preamp (gain and saturation). Fixed levels offer a more transparent sound and quite more natural, say silky and organic.

HELIOS also has an internal streamer Roon Ready (same than DAC 500 series) and a DSP. The DSP will be active for the first time, to correct all room acoustics with the help of USB microphone (not delivered with HELIOS). This active DSP is a free software upgrade that will be available later in 2023.

At 11800 euros, French VAT incl., HELIOS is very competitive vs the competition that is not as deeply designed with proprietary solutions than this new WEISS.

Orders are available right now, first delivery within 3 weeks.


APURNA™. The sound, technology and absolute craftsmanship

Prélude - Soprano - Apogée

APURNA™ 3 models are for me and for most reviewers, the best amplifiers available now (apart from some ultra expensive amplifiers, but I'm not sure..). Musical realism is to die for, the best than everything I listened to during those last 4 decades. Some professional reviews about these audio pearls L'AudiodeFrance, 6 Moons, ON-MAG, Audiophilefr, ...

Listening with APURNA™ on top performance speakers is a very special experience, but with ALSYVOX the result is the most credible music performance at home, the audio system vanished (listen Yamamoto Live at Misty pictured, pure DSD). The sound is so natural, with a lot of tonal shades that gives the true tones of instruments. Lightening speed, ultra dynamic... they conveys to listen endlessly.

The patented space technology is unique. Apart the choice of class AB, topology of the layouts, the specific circuit boards, no cable inside, all this gives a (much) more transparent sound, with unparalleled transients and slam.

APURNA™ amplifiers are made with absolute standards only found in high precision Swiss watches and luxury gears. I saw recently expensive amplifiers from 50 to 100 k€ that have average quality screens, poor ground cables / ground bars inside or even unmatched binding posts vs amperage announced.

All is designed, tooled, painted, soldered in France, with European parts. Each amplifier is made by the designer himself Franck Borne. RF remote control is a marvel (I think but all the visitors too 😁) : 100% CNC tooled, even the battery spring ! APURNA™ slogan, "unique like you" is a reality.

APURNA™ APOGEE true Carbon & Titan finish

APURNA™ RF remote control- output volume - input select - trim of the front crystal light of the amplifiers.



DREAM line is the reference DAC for many reviewers and melomanes in the world.

EDELWEISS new line is a must wanted in USA, Asia and Europe (see Reference Haute Fidélité Magazine n°261 Février/Mars 2023).

Technology is very similar to DREAM line, no shortcuts in design and manufacturing. Price at less than 18k€ including French VAT for DAC MPD-6 is a serious bargain if I consider the sound performance. The other success is MPS-X streamer. A killer if you want the best for streaming audio without spending 30 k€ or more.

PLAYBACK DESIGNS retail prices .




HARMONIX / HIJIRI: Prices will rise March the 1st. Better to order in February to save money.

PRANAWIRE: Joe Cohen sent me a KENSHO lightspeed power cord for test. If it do not rival with COSMOS or ARHAT, this PRANAWIRE entry line cable is a major solution for system power (7 gauge), amplifiers, power strips. The sound of our demo system unleashed macro dynamics to a point that I do not use anymore my special in wall power cable. A must have.

OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPT Nano the Element : the famous Italian power plant is now used here before amplifiers VS direct power from wall. His weight and impedance, pure silver internal wiring, gives a sense of purity and naturalness very similar to listening at night when AC is much better.


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