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ALSYVOX Tintoretto and Botticelli

New 2022 edition shows 2 evolutions : 1 pair of biding post had been removed, bi-wiring is done inside the speaker. This is more convenient and improves the sound compared to most jumpers, only Pranawire Arhat Lightspeed was far better but more expensive.

Second evolution, you can choose bass filter slope at 6 or 12 dB/octave. Switch set to 6 dB gives the most transparent sound, this is the slope of all Alsyvox from 2018. Switch set to 12 dB is helpful for electronic music which has a lot of bass, then with higher slope the sound is better, less boomy. Tintoretto and Botticelli are unchanged when use with external filters.

ALSYVOX 2022 ©


ALSYVOX / PRANAWIRE: a path to edge sound

Our customers, reviewers, are unanimous to praise Tintoretto X and Botticelli X. See test in coming Vinyle & Audio n° 11, Mars 2022... 🤩 🚀🚀

PHPAUDIO still prepare 2 upgrades for even better realism of tones, soundstage and definition. First, we will receive new PRANAWIRE Arhat Lightspeed cables specific to ALSYVOX external filters. Pure silver flat wires, Lightspeed unsurpassed shielding will put ALSYVOX sound to better in every ways.

Arhat Lightspeed X© will be available for order since April, retail price is 12300 euros TTC a set of 6 cables with Neutrik plugs, 11300 SF for Switzerland. Only available at PHPAUDIO in the world, this is a creation between PHPAUDIO and Joe Cohen of Pranawire.

The second upgrade is HARMONIX components under the filters. More about this soon..


CONVERGENCE ®, your devices merit the best

Convergence is a breakthrough audio rack, exceptional in performance, with architectural style and exquisite finish. 001 model will be on display at the end of March. Pictures, prices will be posted as soon as possible. The goal is to obtain the highest neutrality possible from your electronics. Ultra high impedance and vibrations grounding will unbury all the potential of your fine gears.

Unique, 100% designed and manufactured in France by skilled companies.

Parts during tooling, January 2022 - Convergence ®


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PHPAUDIO 2022 ™ ©

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