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February 2021 - AUDIONET - PRANAWIRE and more (🇬🇧)


AUDIONET - HUMBOLDT a new concept in amplification

PHPAUDIO is AUDIONET dealer of their amplifier line from AMP to HEISENBERG ultimate monos. We could provide STERN preamplifier on demand.

Our favorite is HUMBOLDT. It's a double mono preamp, 2 monoral amplifiers in 1 chassis. It's a new compact concept about absolute amplification, far from the best integrated amplifiers. Less connections, lead to the purest sound. The chassis is part of the success, with rigidity agains vibrations, thick aluminium panels for rigidity, self damping and a clever thermal management (technical sheet).

I will tell you more in March.

Sound? just think about music, more palpable, more there in your room... Faster, cleaner, the most transparent and precise amplifier I had listen to, ever. Neutrality is to die for. The price is very interesting compared to a separate preamp and 2 high-end mono blocs rated at 300w. It's nothing short than a thunder in amplification domain.

Our HUMBOLDT will be powered in late March with a specific power cord hand-made in California, by PRANAWIRE Joe Cohen. The amplifier is so open and transparent than I will propose HUMBOLDT with this special power cord for a match in heaven (at extra cost). Absolute transparency and perfect tones deserve it.



PRANAWIRE - New 2021 line and prices

In 2021 PRANAWIRE add 5 new versions in power cables, the Lightspeed versions of COSMOS, COSMOS SE, COSMOS SE2, VAJRA GP and SE.

Lightspeed are an evolution of COSMOS et VAJRA cables with a new shield material, rare and expensive. This convey to better isolation for more details, better delineation, more speed for transients, and better transparency.

COSMOS SE and SE2 are new cables with pure ribbon silver conductors, hand polished.

Apart the extreme cables with conditioners in line, COSMOS LE and LE2 are the new reference from Joe to power an amplifier 😁.

CHELA line is cancelled, even if it was a good performance for the money. Now "entry line" is DEVA again.

PRANAWIRE end the design of the new conditioners, especially the awaited model Sky Dancer.

Others new and clever accessories will be launched in 2021.. stay tuned.



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