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December 2023 - Musical re-creation 🇬🇧



2024 version of the external filter named X is here, a must ! the first listenings reveal increased dynamic and better restitution of the piano, cello and violins / violas but also of all string instruments, percussions. This allows Botticelli X to reproduce music with some virtues previously reserved for the 2 flagship models of ALSYVOX, Caravaggio and Raffaello.

2 more weeks at 2023 retail prices, 2024 prices will increase and new version of filters are available on models ordered in December.

ALSYVOX Caravaggio



This new 400W power amplifier under 4ohm, which benefits from APURNAâ„¢ technology, adopts a new visual identity for 2024. If listening has conquered many audiophiles, the new version of A400S amp will also seduce with a successful aesthetic.

Retail price remains set at €19,000 for the silver/black and black/black versions.

The 2 versions with real wood inserts will be a bit more expensive, prices will be revealed at the beginning of January 2024.

In 2024, the ABORA™ A400S will be available in an integrated version with a preamp part also from the APURNA™ Prélude.

Visual of the A400S without illustration of the winged side radiators


STREAMING : TAIKO + WEISS for the best

TAIKO represents the highest sound quality in dematerialized music with it's extreme SGM server streamer. The best result requires the help of their Switch Extreme and their DC Extreme power supply in 12V. For purists, TAIKO extreme router brings more in sound quality. While waiting for a 230/12v transformer with battery to power Switch or/and DC power supply, I tested WEISS PSU 102 power supply (230/12v regulated) as power of the TAIKO system, the sound upgrade is major: what a dynamic! The improvement affects all aspects of sound reproduction, including a rewarding separation effect on complex instruments, or absolutely bluffing metal percussion.

WEISS PSU 102 power supply is also popular to music lover who want to upgrade their WEISS 204 or 205 DACs.



PRANAWIRE : all power cables are now Lightspeed version

While Lightspeed versions started in 2021 with ARHAT and COSMOS, KENSHO III, SATORI, SAMADHI and MAHASAMADHI power cables are now only available in Lightspeed version. A more silent listening space, faster transients and better bass are the main contributions. KENSHO III Lightspeed is PRANAWIRE's entry-level power cable and allows excellent results on power strip and amplifiers.

MahaSamadhi Lightspeed version caught my attention, a truly exceptional cable in sound opening, precision and with extremely natural and fluid tones in signature. This cable much better than the old MahaSamadhi is formidable in streamer power, preamp, transport, DACs or on very transparent amps such like APURNAâ„¢ Prelude.

MahaSamadhi Lightspeed 2024 will soon power our streaming system and will also be on demonstration on APURNA™ Prélude. For ABORA A400S, Kensho III lightspeed or SATORI Lightspeed are ideal.



For music lovers that favor quite organic music reproduction, HIJIRI cables range allows a nice improvement of your devices, and this at very contained prices. No smoking technology, just high-purity copper, neat shielding and very good connectors.


APURNAâ„¢ : Unparalleled, magnificent

I conducted many tests with audiophiles, all without exception were able to conclude within few minutes the undeniable musical superiority of the APURNA™. Prélude stereo was even better than some more expensive amplifiers, at three times the price.

It is audiophiles and stores that had tested them who speak the best :

"Musically, the result is admirable. Frankly, what a great moment. Apurna monoblocks merge a capacity to hold beyond standards, including this sensation (or observation!) that the room is perfectly controlled, with a sense of nuances that is hardly known except on a few tube amps that are much less universal and that will not have this architectural affirmation in the extreme bass, both herculean, rich in modulation and tones "a high-class system, probably unsurpassable on so many criterias, those that contribute to tell the pure truth" "a diamond!"

A store that tested APOGÉE mono-blocks

"The APURNA is perfectly stable, regardless of the level of listening and/or the complexity of the message, it does not fade, does not become acidic when the level of listening is very high (orchestral music). It offers a perfect balance between legato and the percussive aspect of the piano. It presents a respect and a diversity of tones of the highest level" "the extinctions of notes (piano) are endless, highlighting even better the articulation chosen by the performer) the transients (percussions "Chant après chant" by Barraqué) are reproduced with an amazing intensity and absence of distortion.."

AB Prélude stereo integrated amplifier test

APURNA™ Prélude 



WEISS : HELIOS DAC test probably in January. Price will increase in January in France as we do not increase WEISS retail price in August 2023.



Enjoy Christmas, the end of the year with your familly and friends, listen to music...



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