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December 2021 - WEISS & HARMONIX (🇬🇧)


WEISS launch DAC 501-502 4 ch

WEISS DAC 501/502 had been reviewed as one of the best DAC available. The Swiss brand launch DAC 501/502 4ch i.e. 4 channels*. 4 channels for a home cinema or for an active subwoofer. This will be done by software available soon spring 2022.

DAC 501/502 4ch can, of course, play in a stereo system and with the new flagship D/A ESS 9038PRO and an upgraded analog stage, it offers a new level of performances.

Better bass, deeper with more impact, more dynamic and with better resolution, it's now the best WEISS DAC to date.

Power it with PRANAWIRE ARHAT Lightspeed ** power-cord and use HARMONIX REI-168 et bases RF-900 M under it, the DAC will be at the top of what is state of the art, in naturalness and definition.

Standards DAC 501/502 are still available and can be upgraded into 501/502 4 ch version.

* 4 channels has no additional parts vs a 2 channels version, it's a software that can permits 4 channels playback.

** only available in Europe at PHPAUDIO®


HARMONIX high-end analog accessories

Kazuo KUICHI is well known as master for it's unparalleled tuning interfaces, but also for the 2 analog parts, vinyl record clamp and vinyl record mat.

TU-812 MX Million Maestro record clamp is universal. Records mats are availaible with metal interfaces TU-800 M Tribute Million Maestro for a neutral sound or TU-800 M W Tribute Million Maestro with wooden interfaces for a warmer more organic sound.


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