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August 2021 - WEISS DAC 501 - PRANAWIRE for ALSYVOX - ALSYVOX news (🇬🇧)


WEISS Engineering DAC 501, compact, no compromise performance

DAC 501 is a true high-end DAC for music lovers that want a DAC which can play music in the purest way, neutral, uncompressed dynamic and perfect balance.

This DAC features a network player and a DSP if you need to tune your system/room response.

New WEISS transport and DAC flagship models will be launched probably this year, in place of Jason and Medus not available anymore.


WEISS Engineering DAC 502, No compromise performance and first rate with your favorite headphone

DAC 502 is a 501 in a standard wide chassis with a XLR headphone output. It shares a DSP with 4 programs already present on DAC 501 : a frequency equalizer, a proprietary software named Crossfeed which blend a part of left and right signals in order to give a sound experience very similar to speakers listening, a loudness and a specific equalizer for some headphones, (MySphere, Audeze,...) , and more soon.

MyShere headphones (Austria) and Audeze can be ordered at PHPAUDIO, please contact us.


ALSYVOX : Jumpers - New 2022 retail prices

I selected ALSYVOX speakers because I think that they represent the absolute speakers, cost no object. If music, tones veracity, neutrality, absence of distorsion, perfect soundstage is your goal, consider these true ribbon speakers that sound transparent and with absolutely identical sound of each drivers. Ultra fast for the purest sound, detail retrieval is awesome. They can play loud, and bass extension is down to 22Hz. Electrostatic / isodynamic or conventional drivers cannot do all those performance, whatever their technology or price. Last but not least, sensitivity is 94 dB, so they are easy to drive.

Our visitors expressed high praise listening to ALSYVOX here, superlatives comments.

I propose 3 jumpers level for bass to medium/tweeter terminals :

  • High-end, OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPT 🇮🇹 The Element signature siver cables with massive shielding. Sound is truly excellent, very transparent. 1200 euros per set of 4 jumpers - 30 cm. Signature is an exclusive PHPAUDIO upgraded version.

  • Ultimate, PRANAWIRE Arhat 🇺🇸, silver ribbon, no connector. Spades are tooled directly into the ribbon, air dielectric shield. More transparent than the OMEGA, ARHAT perform better in every ways : voices are organic, present, with body, dynamic scale is wider, soundstage is clear with high definition even at the farest rows, similar to a LEICA Vision. 2500 euros per set of 4 jumpers - 30 cm. PHPAUDIO exclusive dealer for Europe.

  • Cost no object (EDGE), PRANAWIRE Arhat Lightspeed. Pure magic ! how can jumpers give so much resolution? Same ribbon pure silver conductor than ARHAT, but with a special rare material shielding. Lightspeed air dielectric is bigger than standard ARHAT, so each jumper is 45 cm long. A work of art. Listening Henri Dutilleux "Tout un monde lointain" with BOTTICELLI and AUDIONET Humboldt is an overwhelming listening experience. 3100 euros per set of 4 jumpers - 45 cm. PHPAUDIO exclusive dealer for Europe.


Customer comment about his ARHAT Jumpers: "++++++, more open, much more deep soundstage, soundstage is much more precise, more details, better precision, better bass..." ", in a word: superb!"

ALSYVOX : new prices

ALSYVOX change their retail prices, October the 1st. Tintoretto will be at 76000 €, Botticelli at 98000 €, la Botticelli X at 130000 €, external crossovers at 32000€, ...

If you plan to buy ALSYVOX unmatched speakers, order a new model or our demo Botticelli before September the 27th to save money !


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