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April 2022 - Melomanes hopes - Pranawire and some news (🇬🇧)



Since I launched PHPAUDIO, I meet many music lovers that dream of perfect music at home, having difficulties to attain this goal despite many systems evolutions.

If I put aside price catchers that are pleased to break prices at the moment but are unsatisfied at least of the global sound of their system, making a great musical system is a way you need assistance by a professional that take care of your needs. He has more experience, more time and skills to help you to choose real pearls.

Sometimes I listen to some very good product connected by cables that have no great virtues and even worse than stock cables, or "isolated" by fancy feet.

I am at your service, taking time to understand what you need, your room, your others gears and give you all my knowledge to match the best result musical sound, before and long after to give you confidence and help for further projects.

I saw this in ABSOLUTE SOUND and I agree (not really about many products shown in US 😉), but think twice about reward you can get with a professional on your side.TAS

Vinyle&Audio review at PHPAUDIO, 2021.

PHP Audio
Télécharger PDF • 1.82MB



Retail 2022 prices are the same since2020, and despite US Dollar higher change vs Euro, I keep the same prices. PHPAUDIO prices are the same than in USA, including VAT, so I can say that I offer VAT to my customers.

2022 spring news is ARHAT X Lightspeed for ALSYVOX external crossovers cables. A set of 6 pure silver flat cables, Lightspeed shielded. A major upgrade for Tintoretto X et Botticelli X. Availaible since May 2022.

PHPAUDIO is World exclusive dealer of ARHAT X for ALSYVOX, these are fully compatible with ALSYVOX Warranty.

ARHAT X Lightspeed burn in process on Dharma conditionner at PRANAWIRE



We tested many accessories in 2021, to check new paths to audio excellence. Neither were found good enough to be sold by PHPAUDIO, some degraded the sound (Gabriel Chips). Different sound do not mean better sound.

3 accessories tested in 2021 are excellent, and could be added on request to our electronics especially WEISS, only 1 on HUMBOLDT.

One of them is RF5700, but optimum location need some skills.

The quest continues with other accessories in test this spring / summer and also a famous electronic line that could be added to our product list 🤫.

RF-5700 Ultimate Tuning Tips


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