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PhP Audio est vendeur officiel WEISS Engineering Ltd.


Une marque Suisse de légende qui conçoit et produit des appareils d'exception depuis 35 ans. WEISS  est spécialisée dans le digital et propose des lecteurs et des convertisseurs audio numériques de très haut niveau.

Fabrication 100% Suisse.

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Câbles WEISS

Tarifs 2024

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The CHIRON family of cables represents our dedication to quality even external to the equipment we build.
CHIRON cables have been developed with utmost transparency as the main design goal.

Both the analog and digital balanced interconnects with XLR connectors are unshielded for very low stray capacitance effects. They exhibit cable geometries with extremely tight tolerances for a constant impedance.

The speaker cables use RF litz wire which suppresses the skin effect to a great degree. This results in a constant resistance across the whole audio band and beyond.

CHIRON cables use Nomex sleeves for excellent mechanical durability.

Connectors are gold plated and manufactured to tight tolerances. All cables are available in standard lengths of 1, 2 or 3 meters. Other lenghts can be made on order.

CHIRON-Digital1, CHIRON-Analog1

CHIRON-Digital1 is an AES/EBU interconnect for 110 Ohm balanced XLR connections. The cable is not shielded.

CHIRON-Digital2 is a 75 Ohm S/PDIF interconnect with RCA connectors.

CHIRON-Analog1 is a interconnect for balanced analog connections with XLR connectors. The cable is not shielded.

CHIRON-Analog2 is a interconnect for analog connections with RCA connectors. The cable is shielded.

CHIRON-Speaker1 is a speaker interconnect with spades on both ends. Two separate cables are used for a single connection.

CHIRON-Glass1 is a glass fiber optical interconnect for digital signals. Electrical / optical and/or optical / electrical converters are included. Standard lengths are 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 meters. Other lengths canbe made on order.

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