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January 2024 - ICHIBAN 一番いちばん 🇬🇧


Coherent System and potential

A coherent system consists of more than the assembly of outstanding gears, compensations are always a loss of ability to approach the goal of unamplified natural music.

Removal of artifacts from the playback system gives us a clearer and more honest perspective to a musical creation.

The common law of logarithmic sound progression is not right if you coherent system. On the contrary, sound improvement can become more important than the expense incurred each time. 4 examples in this January blog: ALSYVOX, APURNA™, HARMONIX and PRANAWIRE



ALSYVOX 2024 planars are identical (period) but external filters progressed significantly since last Fall. Piano, voice, shades of timbres, sound image, dynamic. 2024 Prices.

The use of HARMONIX TU-210 ZXM Million Maestro + RF-999a+ bases under ALSYVOX external filters is a true revelation. Sound reproduction progress dramatically in terms of tones veracity, dynamics and informations retrieval, with an ability of pure precision even at the background of the soundstage. A bright challenge.

HARMONIX TU-210 ZXM Million Maestro


APURNA™ Prélude : the pinacle !

Vinyle&Audio reviewed APURNA™ Prélude, the integrated amplifier version and its verdict is identical to our tests and comparisons on customers audio systems:

With the ability to reproduce living music with all its expressiveness and emotion, APURNA™ Prélude can be described as an exceptional electronic, by its aesthetics, architecture, components, technical performances and the quality of its musical restitution. For all these qualities, it sits alone at the top of the pyramid of the best integrated amplifiers ever manufactured.

Feedback from a music lover who acquired a Prelude in December

A music lover friend with a very confident ear, who seriously listened to many very ambitious systems without consideration of price, listening eight hours to all kinds of music, said that he was amazed by the system's ability to completely vanish with Prélude, unparalleled restitution in a word !

Vinyle&Audio n°22 Janvier 2024 APURNA™ Prélude



Mike Lavigne feedback about MASTER GROUND SYSTEM


TAIKO AUDIO : OLYMPUS and I/O, the future is now in 2024

TAIKO AUDIO revolutionized dematerialized music and absolute sound restitution with the SGM Extreme Server streamer.

This model still in the catalog, continues to evolve technically and in software.

TAIKO announces OLYMPUS, an absolute server developed for 4 years with a search for optimization / simplification of signal processing stages and a very important focus on software, which is a crucial performance vector.

Retail prices will be officially known in February, orders possible at this time.

Official worldwide launch will stand at the Munich 2024 MOC Show.

I/O is the battery power supply that will exceed all the most efficient sector filtering systems (I/O is compatible with the SGM extreme 2024 model).





DAC501 /502/ 501 4 ch et 502 4ch are now transparently compatible with the JPLAY iOS APP. You can enjoy your favorite songs from Qobuz, Tidal and your local collection, all in a unified library.



Don't forget to go to concert !


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