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Décembre 2020 part 2- WEISS DAC 502 - ESSENCE of Music digital - news

Dernière mise à jour : 24 déc. 2020


WEISS DAC 502 - DAC performance et bien plus

DAC 502 est le DAC haut de gamme de Weiss conçu pour l'efficacité.

Ce DAC dans sa version 5 apporte une performance sonore bluffante, rivalisant avec des appareils beaucoup plus chers (Stereophile 2020). Technologie de pointe, logiciels maison par WEISS 🇨🇭, spécialiste du digital professionnel depuis 25 ans, le 502 est à la fois extrêmement précis mais aussi très musical. Pas de son digital, juste un son précis, rapide, très détaillé avec une belle image sonore. Il comporte un DSP (Digital Signal Processor) pour ajuster la réponse en fréquence de votre système à votre salle d'écoute, at aussi un lecteur réseau pour accéder à votre musique préférée via Roon.

WEISS Engineering sont conçus et réalisé à 100% en Suisse.

DAC 502 is the high-end DAC from Weiss Engineering 🇨🇭designed for efficiency.

This DAC in its version 5 brings a stunning sound performance, competing with much more expensive devices (Stereophile 2020). State-of-the-art technology, in-house software by WEISS, a professional digital specialist for 25 years, the 502 is both extremely precise but also very musical. No digital sound, just precise, fast, very detailed sound with a beautiful soundstage. It features a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to adjust the frequency response of your system to your listening room, and also a network player to access your favorite music via Roon.

WEISS Engineering are designed and completely handcrafted in Switzerland.

Récompenses 2020

STEREOPHILE rated class A+



"I have tested EoM on a couple of CDs with very good results. All information on the disc is presented with improved organic body and clarity.

It's quite impressive to listen to majestic choir music from an EoM treated disc. I have never heard choir music soundig good when streamed from the internet, no matter what quality DAC and power filtering has been used.

I blasted away and my heart nearly stopped from over-excitement.

Thanks for making the Essence of Music treatment kit available for us."

PR, Sweeden

"I treat my cds' surface with one excellent optical product since long years. Benefits are high, in terms of sound image, precision, dynamic. So when my hifi dealer has suggested me to test a new one, I was sceptic but I did it. Result is just incredible!

I started with Eddy Louiss on “La lichere” of multicolor feeling fanfare album. A very dynamic track with lot of percussions and coppers that may be aggressive. After optical treatment with Essence of Music, I get immediately a better musical space with more dynamics and high frequencies without aggressively.

So I process the Pink Floyd Pulse album. On the song “Wish you were here”, you notice on the first musical notes a guitar clearer, more precise,… real. After savoured it, I switch to "Run like hell" and hell set fire to my hifi system as the gain in dynamics, precision, low frequencies were present.

I continued to treat others cds with Essence of Music with the same gains, improvements, pleasure finally conclude that this product is real magic!".

MP, France

Only available at PHPAUDIO in Europe



Une nouvelle marque d'électronique chez PHPAUDIO en Janvier...

Nous sommes convaincu comme les meilleurs testeurs professionnels. Un son fantastique!

De nouveaux accessoires, indispensables pour optimiser le son de votre système.

A new brand of electronics at PHPAUDIO in January...

We are convinced as the best professional testers are. Fantastic sound!

New accessories, but so important for your system sound.



A vous tous clients de PHPAUDIO. Famille, profitez de votre musique et restez en bonne santé!

To all of you, PHPAUDIO customers. Family, enjoy your music and stay safe !

Philippe - PHPAUDIO 😉

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